Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pat’s Favorite Shows of 2012

Here it is, complete with a bunch of less than stellar photos…my top 12 of 2012! 

1/5/12 – John Davey and Margaret Darling – Ginetti House


It was a house party, and it was amazing. 

1/20/12 – Wussy @ MOTR  


There was a layer of ice on everything outside, but it was so worth it.

3/28/12 – MusicNow @ Christ Church Cathedral – Nico Muhley with James McVinnie (organ) and Nadia Sirota (viola)

*No photo since it was in a church*

Did you know that organ and viola could be awesome? Now you do. 

3/31/12 – Philip Glass Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanis and Orchestra @ Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra


(different photo from Music Hall, but you get the idea, kinda)

You know what’s better than one timpani? Two timpanis! And an orchestra! Also, Philip Glass. 

5/10/12 – Chuck, Lisa, John of Wussy and the Tigerlilies @ MOTR



I’m a little biased because I booked this show and it was my birthday, but it was freaking awesome. 

5/22/12 – The Shondes @ Pike Street Lounge


I had heard about this band for a long time but they kicked ass in exactly the way a rock and roll band should. And in a small space like Pike Street Lounge it was basically heaven. And they were really nice. This is probably my show of the year. 

6/4/12 – Billy Wallace and Margaret Darling @ Pike Street Lounge


After the indoor sets everyone went to the patio and they played music out there. It was even better than it sounds. 

6/13/12 – Gospel Music and The Pam Attack @ Mayday



Gospel Music was way better than their name, and just as fun as their record. And the Pam Attack blew me away with their electro punk angst. (Featuring our very own Bree!) 

8/13/12 – Jill Sobule @ Old St. Michael’s Church  (with Jenn McNutt and Larry Sue)


Jill was backed for part of the set by two members of the Tadcasters who played with Jenn McNutt and who Jill had just met. She is also hilarious, in addition to writing great songs and being a great performer. Amazing musicians kicking ass in a sweet space. Win. 

9/29/12 – Imperial Teen and The Seedy Seeds @ MidPoint Music Festival, 12th & Vine



They look like totally normal folks, but they still got the rock. Even over 15 years after their first album. And the Seedy Seeds are always fun. 

12/20/12 - Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver @ aLiveOne


Ok, yes, I’m in love with Wussy. And that extends to Chuck and Lisa playing solo, and also as a duo, both of which they did at this show. So sue me. But this show was amazing, and the snow outside only made it more magical. Also I may have been drinking. But still. 

12/31/12 – Molly Sullivan @ Southgate House Revival (with Mudpies, Green Room Rockers, The Guitars, The Pinstripes, Homemade Drugs, etc.) 


Those Marburg Collective kids are hella talented, and this set totally stole the New Years Eve show for me. Amazing musicians, amazing performance, amazing songs. Make an album already! 

Runners Up: 

1/7/12 – Cowgirl @ The Comet

3/8/12 – Wussy @ Redmoor Theater (with  Whiskey Daredevils, Sundresses, Oh Me My)

3/29/12- MusicNow @Memorial Hall – eighth blackbird and Philip Glass (with Sandro Perri) 

4/6/12 - The Ready Stance @ MOTR

5/19/12 - Wussy @ 12th and Vine

6/16/12 – Cowgirl, Ready Stance, Kiss Me Everlasting, etc. @ Street Festival in Newport, KY

7/6/12 – Porgy and Bess @ Cincinnati Opera

7/13-15/12 – Bunbury Music Festival: Weezer, Guided by Voices, Wussy (and also  Jane’s Addiction, Foxy Shazam, The Seedy Seeds, Dan Deacon, Bad Veins, etc.) 

8/11/12 – The Yugos and Gorges @ Rohs Street Café

8/31/12 – Wussy, R. Ring, The Guitars @ Fountain Square

9/21/12 – Pat Benatar @ Riverbend (with Journey and Loverboy) 

9/28/12 – Joan Jett  @ Lawrenceburg, Indiana (with Bachman Turner Overdrive)

10/20/12 - The Mitchells @ Pike Street Lounge

11/16/12 – Cowgirl @ the Crazy Fox

11/23/12 – Baby Alpaca, Sometimes, Brodie Johnson @ Hoffner Lodge at Loud Loud Light

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Statue in Piatt Park, all dressed up in awesome.

Statue in Piatt Park, all dressed up in awesome.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Playlist: Week of 6/1/11 

With special guest Jason Snell (of The Chocolate Horse)

Found Another Way* - The Chocolate Horse 

Lasso Lasso* - The Chocolate Horse

Every Day Gets Hard - The Chocolate Horse

Pleasures - Jason Snell

The Sahara* - The Chocolate Horse

* = From the upcoming release Beasts, currently seeking funding here

Monday, May 30, 2011
Sky over the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Sky over the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Friday, May 27, 2011
I changed my mind, ok? (Seen at DAAP)

I changed my mind, ok? (Seen at DAAP)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playlist: Week of 5/25/11 

Honey - The Tigerlilies

Run Down the Day - The Seedy Seeds

George Street Beat - The Tillers

Little Paper Birds - Wussy

River City - Magnolia Mountain

Bloody Mary - The Kickaways

Pop Singer - Eat Sugar

New Resolution - Heartless Bastards

Prouncer - Pomegranates

But at Least We’re Not Dead - You, You’re Awesome

Sunlion - Turmeric 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
In case you were wondering. (Seen on Central Parkway)

In case you were wondering. (Seen on Central Parkway)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Playlists! (backlog)

So, it’s been a long long time since we’ve posted some playlists. Here goes! 

5/18/11 With Bike Month Guests Mel McVay, Dan Korman, and Jess Linz

Motorcycle - Wussy

Everything @Once - The Tigerlilies

It Will All End In Tears - Eat Sugar

Drunkard’s Prayer - Over the Rhine

So Meta - Slack Panther 


Crooked (Acoustic) - Wussy

Turn Your Face - Title Tracks

Unmapped Territories - Slack Panther

Triage - Turmeric

Virginia (WOXY Loung Act Version) - The National

Calendar Days - Ass Ponys

Ethel - The Seedy Seeds

I’d Come Running - Candidate

Sail Away - Darlene

Clap Your Hands - Eat Sugar

Cocaine Smile - Oso Bear

Fake It - Viva La Foxx 

Here I Come - The Ohms

The Most Evil Thing You Can Do - The Sundresses

Death By Misadventure - Wussy

5/4/11 With the Prohibitionists 

Midwest Coast - The Harlequins

All Tied Up - The Prohibitionists

No Love - The Prohibitionists 

Supermarket - The Prohibitionists 

It Could Happen To You - The Prohibitionists 

Dancehall Jive - The Prohibitionists 

4/27/11 With Caitlin from Far-I-Rome Productions  

Devil Girl (Remix) - Koala Fires

Black Tar (Postironic Version) - No No Knots

Dried Up - Ass Ponys

Verb Noun - No No Knots (Seedy Seeds Cover) 

4/27/11 Part 2 with Amy from Soapland 

No Bugs No Bad Guys - Holy Beast

Different Pace - Soapland

My Kingdom - Echo and the Bunnymen

Bones - Soapland

Be Stiff - Devo

Russian Lover - Soapland

Hold This - Soapland 

 4/20/11 With Lucas of the Dukes 

Dried Up - Ass Ponys

Magic Lover - The Dukes

Storms - The Harlequins

Make Me Purr/Do the Twist - The Dukes

My Baby Said - The Dukes 


Awesome graffiti seen on Court Street. Cincy love! 

Awesome graffiti seen on Court Street. Cincy love!